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Cornwall, England
8 day travel itinerary

by TripMapper

Though Cornwall may be famous for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, the county is cram-packed with incredible landmarks, picturesque Cornish villages and an exciting food and art scene.

8 Days
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Cornwall is a place that has it all. Golden, sandy beaches, surf-ready waves, quaint harbours, dramatic coastal-path walks and beautiful gardens. There is an abundance of places to explore, suiting both the active adventurer or those wishing to completely unwind and breathe in the fresh sea air.

Whether you have enjoyed a day perusing Tate St. Ives or cycling the Camel Trail through the beautiful Cornish countryside, all will be looking forward to devouring some delicious Cornish fare. The sheer number of great places to eat in the county is impressive. Alongside Paul Ainsworth, Nathan Outlaw and Rick Stein there are plenty of fantastic pubs and restaurants offering a vast array of local artisan produce. 

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Itinerary Highlights

  • Wander around artsy St. Ives
  • Enjoy the exciting food scene in Padstow
  • Immerse yourself in the paradise of plants at the Eden Project
  • Visit the mystical St. Michael's Mount
  • Hit the waves at Watergate Bay and Polzeath
  • The pristine white sand and turquoise sea at Kynance Cove
  • Indulge in spectacular coastal walks