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Crete and Mainland Greece : Road Trip
12 day travel itinerary

by TripMapper

Discover ancient treasures, rural tavernas and turquoise waters

12 Days
Road Trip
Image by Valdemaras D. on Unsplash
Image by TripMapper Ltd on Unsplash
Image by TripMapper Ltd on Unsplash
Image by TripMapper Ltd on Unsplash

Magnificent archaeological sites prove there is much to Greece beyond its gorgeous sun-drenched beaches.

Discover Crete, Meteora, Athens and all the dreamy villages in-between, on this magnificent road trip. This scenic drive offers a rich tapestry of olive farms, charming villages, delicious cuisine and ancient treasures. The open road beckons!

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Itinerary Highlights

  • Visit magnificent Meteora! Six monasteries perch on huge sandstone pillars in a truly extraordinary landscape - a breathtaking sight!⁠
  • See the rock of the mighty Acropolis, crowned by the dramatic ruins of the Parthenon
  • See sweeping views of Athens from Lycabettus Hill
  • Learn the secrets of Greek olive oil production
  • Explore Crete's natural wonders and hike the Samariá Gorge
  • Swim in beautiful turquoise waters and wander dreamy coastal villages
  • Admire the archaeological site of Olympia, the birthplace of the most famous sporting event in the ancient world