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Two days in Bangkok
2 day travel itinerary

by TripMapper

Overwhelming, captivating and addictive!

2 Days
Image by Alejandro Cartagena on Unsplash
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Fully embrace the chaos, the vibrant culture, the ancient traditions and of course the spectacular local fare of this enthralling city. You won't be able to resist the captivating mix of noise, smells and sights!

Admire the Grand Palace, stroll through its quiet canals and backstreets, explore magnificent temples, wander lively night markets, and feast on the acclaimed street food! Eating on the streets of Bangkok is a must. It's an intense mix of spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavors, making it a great destination for adventurous foodies. To end a day exploring enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city from a rooftop bar. A few days here is enough to enjoy the city's myriad of delights!

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Itinerary Highlights

  • Experience how locals live and work by the water. Watch the small boats pass by selling local Thai delicacies and handicrafts
  • Grab an evening drink and soak in the views at one of the city's many roof top bars
  • Explore the heart of old Bangkok, home to beautiful Buddhist temples and extravagant royal palaces
  • Take a trip to Chinatown's frenetic streets to enjoy a taste of local life
  • Treat yourself to a Thai massage
  • Discover Bangkok's food scene with a local guide