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Two days in Tirana
2 day travel itinerary

by TripMapper

An intriguing city for the inquisitive traveller

2 Days
Image by TripMapper Ltd on Unsplash
Image from Adobe Stock
Image from Adobe Stock
Image by TripMapper Ltd on Unsplash

Tirana is on the rise as an offbeat destination for travellers. Though often chaotic and not considered a traditionally beautiful city, its assortment of architectural styles, fascinating historical remnants and lively café culture gives Tirana its own unique identity and charm.

Despite Tirana's somewhat 'rough and ready' appearance, it has seen development over the past years with modern infrastructure, restaurants and hotels popping up all over the city. Today the Blloku district is the hip hangout for the city’s trendy locals. Full of cool cafés, buzzing bars and boutique shops, it is a far cry from the area's past which was once off limits to all but party members during communist times.

To better understand Tirana’s turbulent political history, there are many museums and remnants to discover. BunkArt and BunkArt 2 both lift the curtain on the country’s dark past and the splashes of vibrant colour on the city’s previously drab, grey facades reveal more recent and unconventional political action.

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city centre enjoy a trip by cable car to Mount Dajti National Park, or take a stroll around Grand Park, a spot regularly frequented by locals.

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Itinerary Highlights

  • Explore trendy Blloku district, off-limits to anyone who wasn’t a member of the party’s elite during the Communist years
  • Take a scenic trip by cable car to Mount Dajti National Park and admire the city views below
  • See vibrant painted facades that add brightness to what was once a monochrome cityscape
  • A former top-secret nuclear bunker, BunkArt 2, is now a museum which aims to show how Communist era police persecuted the regime’s opponents
  • Enjoy Albanian café culture
  • Take a respite from the city by taking a stroll around Tirana's Grand Park